Air Purifier for Smoke

How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Smoke Using Air Purifiers

Can Air Purifiers Get Rid Of Cigarette Smoke?

The shade of doubt lingers over many decisions to trust; but you can do a lot to trim down those uncertainties. Cigarette smoke is the most undesirable aerosol for a healthy environment. Uncountable approaches are considered to remove these particles from the surroundings which are known as potential carcinogenic elements in the air. The point of debate is that whether these particles are effectively removed from the environment through the potentially acclaimed anti smoke or smoke eliminator products available in the market or the brands are just hyping their promotions?


To get the real information, we have to delve into the cigarette smoke particle theory which make us comprehend the effectiveness of anti smoke products, like air purifiers .It has been reported that the size of the cigarette smoke particle s are almost the penetrating size of the air filters which make them a hard target to capture. Another con associated with this particle is that it has a relatively high volatile property which can damage the filter material. They do this by coating the fiber surface, thus replacing the filter charges. This process will halt the electrostatic efficacy of the filters.


Another reason for the inefficiency of air purifiers is that when a smoker smokes, unlimited smoke particles dispersed in the surroundings and larger particles settled in the premises via gravity with a tendency to survive for a longer span. The mechanical HEPA air filters or the electric cleaners both are not proficient enough to trap these particles. Besides them, other air cleaners are blamed for their ozone creation which is potentially hazardous for human health and does not possess the efficiency to remove cigarette smoke particles from the surroundings.


High Efficiency Particulate Arresting, HEPA technology was designed in the 1940s to stop airborne contaminants dispersal. With the passage of time many settings like homes, hospitals, industries, pharmaceuticals, and nuclear power premises are taking advantage of these filters to remove unwanted air impurities from the surroundings. It is said that HEPA and similar air filters are able to remove approximately 98% of all particles that contact them.


Contrary to the ineffectiveness of air purifiers in removing smoke particles, there are a number of air purifiers that are dominating in the market with a claim that they can instantaneously remove smoke particles from the surroundings .Among such smoke removers, the following are listed with their mechanisms.



Ionizer with washable electronic plates, they are also called electrostatic grids and functions through their oppositely charged plates and wires., The- Negative Ionization concept work through the  - Negative ion into a smoke filled surroundings to disable the smoke particles from generating hazardous outcomes. It is not as effective as the plates as there is a chance of gravitational dropping of smoke particles on the floor. Though ozone generators irritate your lungs but they are seemed to be functional for removing the smoke from the surroundings. Carbon filters can work well but they need frequent replacements.


In short, apparently it appears that smoke particles are not removed completely through these air purifiers but as the technology is growing day by day and more and more innovative products are being introduced, therefore it is quite likely that within a small length of time a competent and guaranteed smoke remover air purifier hits the market with 100 percent efficiency.